Are you pregnant, thinking of becoming pregnant, or are you postnatal? Congratulations! You are in the right place! Your body is about to undergo many changes during and after pregnancy. It will be a whole new body to get to know! 

I will design a program with you that will be just for YOU during your pregnancy! The exciting thing... Pilates will help you in your labor and also help in recovery after pregnancy!!

Is Pilates safe during pregnancy?

Yes, it is both safe AND beneficial to exercise during your pregnancy. Pilates will help you to listen to your body, while prepare it for labor and birth. There are exercises to help relax specific muscles as well as strengthen the important ones. Especially if you are thinking of having a natural birth (with as little intervention as possible). And most importantly, you have to feel comfortable doing it. It is so important to listen to your body while pregnant. If something doesn't feel right, you stop the exercise. My program will help to teach you what is safe and how you can learn to listen to your body throughout the entire program.

Birth Preparation: We will work together to create a program that will include the strengthening and stretching of the pelvic floor and create supple muscle strength in the muscle groups surrounding the pelvis. This includes the gluts, abdominals, hip ab/adductors, and back extensors. The program will take you through various breathing exercises as well to help stay focused and calm during pregnancy and throughout labor. 

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My classes are based off of the programs through The Center For Women’s Fitness. We cover topics such as exercises for the prenatal and postnatal body, Diastasis Recti, and the pelvic floor.

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What is Pre and Postnatal Pilates?

Prenatal Pilates can be done safely during pregnancy to benefit the mother before, during and after pregnancy. If you have decided on a natural birth or choose to give birth in a hospital, there are certain exercises that will prepare your body for the birth. The program is designed to target areas in the pregnant body to prepare it for a supple and relaxed birth, as well as to strengthen areas of that body that are underdeveloped. 

Postnatal Pilates is just as important for after the birth. It is about restoring a body that has gone through a tremendous amount of change in a very little space of time. The sooner a mother can start back, the better it will be for her body. Most of the exercises a mother learns during her prenatal lessons, the easier it will be for her to recover. After birth, we will check for diastasis recti (a separation of the abdominal muscles) and go about safely creating a program that will help you recover. 


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