Rachel Taylor Segel at Core Fluency in Louisville, KY

I am so excited about this workshop at Core Fluency Pilates in Louisville, KY! Rachel Taylor Segel is a co-owner of The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO. I have not been able to travel to Boulder CO to take a lesson from her yet and now she'll be only 3 hours away from Nashville! In case you don't know who she is, Rachel started The Pilates Center with her sister Amy Taylor Alpers after studying under Romana Kryzanowska, heir to the classical tradition of Joseph Pilates, in New York City. The Pilates Center is known as the "Harvard School" of Pilates and I truly believe it! I got my certification under Randi Whitman, owner of Frog Temple Pilates in Chicago and she studied under Amy and Rachel. I have yet to find any other training as thorough, meaningful, and true to what Joseph Pilates truly intended Pilates to be about. Rachel and Amy truly have the essence of what Pilates is all about and I am so excited to take Rachel's workshop! If you are a Pilates instructor, please go to this workshop! It will open your eyes and deepen your understanding of Pilates. 

CFP is thrilled and honored to welcome Rachel Taylor Segel, co-owner of The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado, on August 28-30th, 2015. Rachel will teach privates and group classes on Friday. Then, Saturday and Sunday, she will present a 12-hr PMA-approved workshop, “Life Beyond Level 3” as the first segment of CFP’s new Continuing Education Series entitled The Teacher’s Heart, Workshops Designed to Inspire, Renew, and Strengthen Our Heart for Teaching Pilates. Saturday we will dissect advanced exercises into movement skills and combinations of skills, and find ways (through archival material and optionals) to move into Level 4/5 material. Sunday we will deepen our own practice of the material and have lots of time to practice teach. For workshop fees, registration and accomodations in Louisville, please contact Laura at 5027591180 / laura@corefluencypilates.com