My new pregnant body


There is nothing like that moment where find out you're pregnant after peeing on a stick, confirming with your doctor, and telling your partner the exciting news! Then reality sets in, "Oh shit! I'm having a kid (or another kid)!"

This is my first pregnancy and I had so many questions; What will my body feel/look like? Am I ready physically to tackle this natural birth thing? How long will I be sick? Questions I'm still asking myself; Will I be prepared to give a natural birth? My boobs are HUGE! Will they go back to where they were? Will my pelvic floor be too tight or not tight enough? What will my post baby body look/feel like?

I have taught pre/postnatal women for more than seven years now, but there is nothing quite like being pregnant yourself and looking down at a new body that I no longer recognize. I still feel strong and flexible and I credit Pilates for that. However, this new body is something I know every mama has to embrace, acknowledge, and trust. 

So I trust my body and I also trust Pilates. I trust that my body is smart and knows what it's doing. I was made to grow a tiny body inside of mine and my body knows exactly what to do! I also trust Pilates, that it will keep my body in line, flexible and strong so that my smart body can continue to do it's job! Keeping a strong/flexible body and pelvic floor is key for giving birth (especially a natural one)! 

Here are some exercises you can do at home that have been feeling great to me and help to keep my body where it needs to be! Enjoy!

Simple exercises anyone can do at home to help alleviate pain and to feel good throughout pregnancy.