free diastasis awareness day event

july 20th 1:00-2:30pm

Native Pilates  will be hosting a FREE event on  July 20th from 1:00PM-2:30PM  at  So Fly Studio  to raise awareness of Diastasis Recti. Amanda Howard and Kelly Ellhert will lead a discussion on the latest research and demonstrate various exercises that can help heal DRA.

Native Pilates will be hosting a FREE event on July 20th from 1:00PM-2:30PM at So Fly Studio to raise awareness of Diastasis Recti.
Amanda Howard and Kelly Ellhert will lead a discussion on the latest research and demonstrate various exercises that can help heal DRA.

some exciting news!

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I am thrilled to announce that Amanda Howard Pilates will now continue on under the name Native Pilates, LLC! Some new opportunities have come my way thanks to my friends at So Fly Studio and I am so happy to FINALLY share this with you! Our beautiful Pilates studio and primary home will be in Mount Juliet, TN (just outside Nashville, TN) inside of So Fly Studio.


so you want to try pilates? 5 things to consider before jumping in.


So you’ve heard about this thing called Pilates and you want to try a class, but you’re not sure where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Don’t let the Lululemon pants and strange torture-looking devices scare you away. It’s easy and fun to try out your first class, but there are some things to look out for too and I’m here to help.




Have you wondered if you have Diastasis Recti or you're just not sure what it is? Join me on June 10th for Diastasis Awareness Day at Nashville Pilates Company! Where we will discuss what DR is, how to heal it, and what exercises can help. Joining me will be Physical Therapist from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nicole Motzny. Be prepared to move for a 45 minute Pilates class! 

Please sign up for this event by emailing me at and with any questions or concerns. 

This event is also for fitness and health care professionals looking for ways to help their clients better understand and heal Diastasis Recti.




OK, so you just had a baby. Congratulations!! You go to your doctor or midwife and they tell you that you have a condition called "Diastasis Recti". Now what? Maybe you've heard this word and thought, "Oh great, I have a DISEASE and now I have to take care of my baby." Well, you're not alone. In fact, you may have been postpartum for years and have just found out that you have Diastasis. 

Oh and by the way- Diastasis is NOT a disease. It's simply just a separation of the fascia (or connective tissue) between the rectus abdominus muscle- your 6 pack muscle. Guess are going to be OK. This separation sometimes goes back on its own, but if your separation is two or more fingers separated, you need to do some work to help it come back together. 

So many women come to me asking how they can heal their DR. I feel so passionate about helping women heal and bring their separation back together, because there is such little information from our health care professionals.




Today we highlight Kacky Fell and Phil Hatcher of Hatcher and Fell Photography

Kacky and Phil have both been doing Pilates for close to 7 years. Both of them came to Pilates to feel better in their bodies and to learn how to move better. I asked them a few questions so they could tell us more about their journey and how Pilates has helped them.




I thought it would be fun to highlight a client each month who has really made big strides in their Pilates workout! Every one of my clients work hard each week and it has been exciting to see the changes that Pilates has had on their bodies and in their lives.

A lot of them are coming to Pilates twice a week and this really makes a difference on their overall goals! 

Today we highlight Allison Low. 

Allison came to Pilates in November of 2016, right after she turned 35. She is a mother of three and was diagnosed with Diastasis Recti at about 4 fingers width and also has had a desk job for 11 years where she sat all day in pain. So Allison knew it was time to take control and Pilates was the answer! I asked her a few questions so she could tell us more about her journey and how Pilates helped heal her body.




Most women don't know that they have Diastasis Recti or even know what it is! Diastasis Recti is known as a separation of the rectus abdominus muscle. The separation is actually caused by a stretching of the fascial attachments surrounding the rectus sheath and most commonly occurs in women during pregnancy and even childbirth itself. It is important to know if you have it and what to do about it to alleviate/prevent back pain and to gain overall core strength. Diastasis can be corrected and Pilates is a GREAT way to connect to the correct muscles through breath and gentle exercises as early as 2-3 days after birth and some of these exercises can even be done during pregnancy to help make recovery a lot easier! It is important to understand DR so as to not jump back into exercises that could make the separation worse. 

Wellness Mama has a wonderful article about Diastasis Recti that includes ways to tell if you have it, what exercises to avoid, and other exercises that could help. I am a pre/postnatal Pilates Specialist and can help you identify if you have DR and what you can do to correct it and stay strong! Be sure to always check with your health care provider before doing any exercising, especially after a c-section. 


There is nothing like that moment where find out you're pregnant after peeing on a stick, confirming with your doctor, and telling your partner the exciting news! Then reality sets in, "Oh shit! I'm having a kid (or another kid)!"

This is my first pregnancy and I had so many questions; What will my body feel/look like? Am I ready physically to tackle this natural birth thing? How long will I be sick? Questions I'm still asking myself; Will I be prepared to give a natural birth? My boobs are HUGE! Will they go back to where they were? Will my pelvic floor be too tight or not tight enough? What will my post baby body look/feel like?